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Digital Rules Center

The Digital Rules Center is a series of short documents that are designed to provide the students with clear guidance about the rules for using content - music, video, pictures and text - that is other than your own, inside of your Meridian Stories digital story

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Digital Rules Resource Center – The Starting Line

Whether you are working on your challenge for Meridian Stories or pursuing a creative project of your own, you may find yourself wanting to use material you find on the Internet…

Guide to Working in the Public Domain

Google and other search engines have done many wonderful things for the Internet, not the least of which was to make it accessible …

Guide to Citing Sources

For all projects, citing your sources fully and properly is the most important step in the process …

Guide to Creative Commons Licenses

In general, work belongs to the creator who produced it and cannot be used by another party …

Guide to Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects

Copyright laws prevent you from using popular music that might be in your music library

Essential Guide and Checklist – The Doctrine of Fair Use

This section of the Meridian Stories website details the Doctrine of Fair Use and what you need to know to make use of it in your creative projects.

Appropriate Uses – The Doctrine Of Fair Use

The Doctrine of Fair Use is a set of criteria that govern the degree to which you can use other people’s content…

Case Studies – The Doctrine of Fair Use

One way to understand the application of successful and not-so-successful applications of fair use to the use of copyrighted material is to look at real court cases.

Myths and Misunderstandings – The Doctrine of Fair Use

This page outlines a few myths about fair use and copyright law that are often disseminated


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