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2017-2018 School Year

Thank you for your interest in joining the community of secondary schools across the country that participates in the creative and engaging world of Meridian Stories.

Meridian Stories’ mission is to prepare students for the 21st century workplace by providing opportunities to collaborate, create, problem solve and lead in the development and production of meaningful digital narratives that address curricular goals.

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Annual Fees Per School

Singular Curricular Area

$150/year, per school
  • One of three Curricular Centers: Language Arts, History, or STEAM
  • Within your select Curricular Center:
  • Participation in up to 5 competitions (which includes posting Student Video, receiving Mentor Feedback, and earning Digital Badges)
  • Access to 8 activities and 10 projects 
  • Access to the entire Media Resource Collection

All Curricular Areas

$350/year, per school
  • All three curricular areas: Language Arts, History, and STEAM
  • Participation in up to 15 competitions 
  • Access to all 24 activities and 30 projects in each area
  • Access to the entire Media Resource Collection

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