Welcome to Meridian Stories, a national non-profit that annually offers secondary schools up to 16 different media competitions. Each Meridian Competition asks students to work collaboratively and creatively to develop a richly curricular, digital story – 3 to 4 minute video or audio segment – in the areas of Language Arts, STEM and History. All Meridian Competitions are aligned with the Common Core and NGSS. Critical Thinking, Curricular Substance, Creativity and Collaboration headline every student submission.


This year we are also introducing the Meridian Digital Resource Collection that will feature over seventy different pathways in support of the integration of media-rich activities into the classroom. From two-day projects to three–week projects; digital citizenry rules to production guidelines; animation programs to game design basics, the Meridian Digital Resource Collection is a one-of-a-kind support system for secondary schools.

New Pricing 

  • Access to the Meridian Digital Resource Collection – $150 per school, per year.
  • Access to the Meridian Digital Resource Collection PLUS participation in the Meridian Competitions – $350 per school, per year.

Still have questions? Please browse the site to experience all that Meridian Stories had to offer last year, while the paywall is down!

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